Volume 12 Τεύχος 3

  • Grimewatch

    Ok so here's the drama, bitch. Lethal B has been banned from crap nightclubs everywhere AGAIN thanks to his new single "No!".

  • Slayer Rules

    We met one guy in a wheelchair who lost his job for his love of Slayer.

  • VICE Pictures - In Tribute

    Bands posing as other bands.

  • Crunk What?

    For the record, we think that Eightball and MJG are one of the greatest things that ever happened to rap music, period.

  • Let The Sunshine In

    Some people think it's inappropriate to have kids with disabilities engaging in this kind of levity.

  • Dear Diary

    CDs were still a new and exciting invention and "Ghetto Bastard" got us really pumped.

  • Little Bastard

    Replacing Ozzy Osbourne as singer of Black Sabbath.

  • You're Not Punk

    Punk as I knew it has a political purpose. What is classified as 'punk' music these days is absolutely empty and gutless.

  • Booze Monday

    Barney Sumner used to drink far too fucking much.

  • Pre-Muslims

    One night I was at a Restaurant in Mali and a drunk old donso mimed shooting me with a pistol.

  • Free Music

    Here in the belly of the beast, life is either totally chaotic or so monotonous that you can feel each second slip by.

  • Fucking Assholes #4

    I saw the gym Nazi again today. I smiled and waved hello as he jogged on the treadmill. It drove him to run faster. I giggled like a little girl.