Volume 12 Τεύχος 7

  • Dog Ragas

    Sometimes dogs can remind you of wolves, I guess. Sometimes they couldn’t be further from wolves, and they are more like floppy, wimpy dishrags.

  • Doomsday Metal

    Still to this day, no one knows the whereabouts of the missing 25 liters of fresh pig blood.

  • Rat Hunting

    Fuck New York’s unconstitutional gun laws. Let’s git ourselv sum rats, kiddies!

  • Worst Band Name Ever?

    The band are all about 12 years old and come from a small shithole town near Sheffield.

  • Kitty City

    Photos by Tim Barber Styling by Gia Bahm

  • Pure Bred

    People will tell you that Australia is the lucky country for a variety of reasons, one being that, as we are so isolated, we benefit from an unbiased appreciation of music from all over the world.