Volume 12 Τεύχος 8

  • The VICE Guide to Killing Your Parents

    Before we bust out the .50 caliber rifles and start shooting people from a mile away it's important to know exactly who we're talking about.

  • Baby Boomers Vs Anarchists

    Look up "boomer" in the dictionary and there is a photo of Michael Gross.

  • Wild Child

    It seems that UK electro-pop purveyor, Tom Vek, also has a unique angle on inter-generational relationships.

  • Boom Bap Rap

    When you watch a movie like Wild Style, ever ask yourself what those guys are up to now? What happened to the generation of 70s park jams?

  • Head Master Vol. 1

    I was an altar boy for many years and sadly I was never molested. I feel cheated.

  • Generation Mess

    We sat down with Steve Gillon and insisted he admit baby boomers are worthless piles of pedantic shit.