Volume 13 Τεύχος 2

  • Out There

    One Kiss Can Lead To Another is the coolest box set ever. It contains four discs of the best in girl-group music. Not a bunch of stuff you’ve heard a thousand times either. This is deep, deep collector shit.

  • Not Another Gay Rapper

    In 1999, Detroit rapper MS-DL picked up a kid at a local nightclub, the Raven Claw, and took him back to his mom’s for the usual Friday-night deal. MS-DL doesn’t know for sure what happened that night—he pretty much blacked out.

  • Electric Independence

    I’ll tell you what, sometimes it’s hard maintaining a level of professional enthusiasm every month for a load of records that, with the odd exception, basically sound the same.

  • Flying High

    With the Italo-disco revival still in full swing, it was only a matter of time before one of the scene’s most colourful characters resurfaced to bask in all the acclaim. We’re talking about Nick Glider, the playboy DJ.

  • The Hat Squad

    Once a Jew, always a Jew, right? Well, if your mother is Jewish, I'm sorry son but you just don't have any say in it. Try telling that to the estimated twenty two percent of mature Jewish males living in New York City who wish they hadn't been born so.

  • Vice Pictures

    Since 2002, New York-based photographer Stuart Ignacio has been traveling to college science labs and private think-tanks around the country, taking pictures of some of the last few years’ most shocking research advances.

  • The Real Deal

    Skateboarding is rapidly becoming a living, breathing Xbox game. Elbow- and kneepads and a helmet covered in stickers from the energy drink that sponsors you? Way cool!

  • Dos & Don'ts

    After years of getting bullied by the French, English Montrealers are shoving the Quebec flag up their asses and taking to the streets. It's the most political fashion has been since Yankees fans started balling up Red Sox shirts and stuffing them in...

  • Tidbits

    One of the biggest problems in the gay community (besides the Silent but Deadly “killer of millions”) is their lack of vitamin C. In short, they refuse to take it into their bodies.

  • Vice Fashion - Fighting Back

    Girls Against Crime Kartel is a group of young women based in South London who organise self-defense classes, focus groups and anti-crime initiatives in and around their manor.

  • Records

    Iggy Sniff is also in the Icelandic band Singapore Sling. This is a super narcotic solo thing, complete with Lou Reed covers and lots of tambourine. Classic.

  • Black-market Kidney

    It cost $7,000 to buy the actual kidney, $1,000 to fly round-trip to Cape Town, South Africa, where the operation could be done legally, and $1,200 to fly the Brazilian bricklayer whose kidney is now inside me to Cape Town from São Paulo.