Volume 13 Τεύχος 3

  • Hate Cuisine

    For all their fancy gigs at the Albert Hall, Mogwai also do a pretty good job at grassroots A&R-ing with their Rock Action label. A few years ago they had this great band from Liverpool called Kling Klang that sounded like Kraftwerk and Goblin.

  • Heroin Cuisine

    The commonly accepted birthplace of the sinfully delicious deep-fried Mars Bar is Stonehaven Scotland, near Aberdeen. In other words: hell.

  • Bush Eating

    So, the Aborigines, seemingly in the first few minutes of their really long tenure on the land have developed a menu that reads something like a list of rejected Fear Factor ideas.

  • Eat It

    First Nation is Melissa, Nina, and Kate. They’ve been jamming out together on some far-out vibes for about two years now. The culmination of said jamming will be a jamtastic album out on Animal Collective’s label, Paw Tracks, in the very near future.

  • Instant Razor Blade Mash

    Daniel Treacy has been missing in action for a while. Back in the 70s and 80s, his group The Television Personalities wrote classic, funny songs like “Part Time Punks” and “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives.”

  • Braised Puppy With Assorted Greens

    OK, let’s get this out of the way: It’s illegal to kill, cook, and serve dogs—even in Hong Kong, capital of “exotic” cuisines of the world. Recently California even passed a law that makes it illegal to prepare, sell, and serve foie gras, the national...

  • Whose Farts Smell Worse?

    We hired a male model from the internet and got two girls who work in porn to fart on his face twice. They did this once while wearing jeans and once while wearing skimpy porno underwear.

  • Watch What You Eat

    We got renowned dietitian and nutritionist Keecha Harris to take a look at Thomas and Melissa’s (both are 22 years of age) diets for two days and tell us just how gross their insides must be.

  • Supermarket Sweet

    Melbourne’s greasy electro-punk geeks Damn Arms are the latest in a deluge of bands to arrive in the UK from Down Under who look set to put Aussie rock right back on the international rock map (Jet were a joke, right?).

  • The Best Of Blighty

    Thank heavens for the great Full English Breakfast.

  • I Was Fat

    Three years ago I had a Laparoscopic Gastric Banding, or Lap-Band for short. Basically, it's a plastic band placed around the top part of my stomach. Inside the band is a tube that can be made bigger or smaller, allowing me to either eat more or less.

  • Baby-cue

    Eating a human placenta is harder than you might imagine. First off, they are difficult to trap. Growing up in the hippie mecca of Austin, Texas, one heard about earth-mother types planting their infants' placentas under trees and even grinding them up...