Volume 13 Τεύχος 5

  • No More Jews

    Sammy Harkham is one of our favorite bearded guys in LA, and definitely our favorite one who draws. It's been a good while since someone in the comics world has been able to pull off existential ruminating without it devolving into one big humorless...

  • Tidbits (Rifling Through MORE Comics Artists' Personal Belongings)

    It’s part of a tea-table set my mother’s father built for her when she was my son’s age. We had to refinish it recently, losing the original decals that Grandad applied in 1948, so I painted up a bunch of cels like the one you see here.

  • Vice Comics

    The Perils of Heracles

  • Literary/I Want My DVDs

    This is a compilation of basically everything Giant’s ever done. Him and Scott Campbell from Saved are the best sources for tattoo ideas in the whole world. There, I said it.

  • Garbage Trove

    Being in Mark Newgarden's house in Brooklyn is like hanging out in the brain of a middle-aged acid casualty.

  • Vice Comics

    Ask Dr. Rock!