Volume 14 Τεύχος 1

  • Condoms

    Fuck a condom. I hate condoms. Always have. I have an allergic reaction to them: The mere sight of them makes me go limp.

  • Canary Birds

    They're inspired by Judy Garland and RuPaul, who woulda guessed?

  • Worst Gift Ever

    FROZEN FOODIt was supposed to be the first dinner he ever cooked for me. We were at his place and he just grabbed two already-opened, half-finished, icy bags from the freezer.

  • Norse Goddess Of Destruction

    Anyone backwards enough to still claim that girl vocals have no place in metal never heard Runnhild Gammelsæter. Way back in 1995, at the tender age of 16, she provided ruinous voice to groups like Thorr's Hammer, of which Sunn0)))'s Greg Anderson was...

  • Huggy Snake

    Are you into girls who play bass with butcher knives, deep-throat microphones, scream their brains out, and name their albums Make Like a Fetus and Abort? Me too! That's why I'm psyched about 16 Bitch Pile Up. When they started out about four years ago

  • Me and the Girls

    On shows like Gilmore Girls and The OC, high school girls talk like teenage Woody Allens, with every decision grounded in hours of garrulous overanalysis before and after the fact.

  • I Turned Normal for a Week

    VICE recently asked me to become a normal girl for a week and document it. I guess a big reason they asked me to do it is because I take a lot of self-portraits and I can come across as a pretty disgusting person.

  • Tidbits

    Muddy face masks are a pain to wash off and they make the whole sink messy. When you can peel it off in one big piece it’s clean, satisfying, and fun (because you can do this thing where you pretend you’re peeling off a fake identity like in spy movies).

  • Girls On The Mat

    I'm really into boxing lately. I love watching it, reading about it, and attempting to learn how to do it.

  • Hostess In Japan

    Happy stories and horror stories from women working in Japan

  • Grimewatch

    Girls and grime don't mix so well. So to adequately prepare for this month's column I decided it was necessary to do a little research in the form of a date.

  • Working Girl

    All around the world and since the dawn of time, pretty young girls have made money off the horny minds of older men.