Volume 14 Τεύχος 2

  • Malcolm Mclaren Invented Everything

    Malcolm McLaren began to design clothes in the early 70s, after he quit art school. In 1971, along with his then girlfriend Vivienne Westwood, he opened a boutique called Let It Rock.

  • Vice Fashion - Trash & Treasure

    Photos Ali McCannStyling by Hannah Brooks

  • Records

    NAS Hip Hop Is DeadYou can never tell with a Nas album. One track comes out then doesn't end up on the record, the title changes three times, the release date gets pushed back, no

  • Fashionistas Safado - The Challenge

    Let me just start by telling you that Fashionistas has already been made into a full-scale Las Vegas production that’s been running since 2004 at the Aladdin, so you can go ahead and cross that idea off your to-do list.

  • Quiet Achiever

    He's not going to prance around with his shirt off like Devendra Banhart but Karl Scullin aka Kes is a bit of a hippie. He admits it but don't freak out cause he's rad and way more into chickpeas and brown rice than acid and love beads. In short, he's...

  • Nice Shoegazing

    Oslo based Lionheart Brothers play the psychedelic, slightly unfashionable indiepop of bands like Ride, Ultra Vivid Scene and Galaxie 500. Ironically, exactly the kind of band that Sofia Coppola would pay one of her French buddies to discover for her...

  • Tidbits

    "You often find this shirt for under $5 at thrift stores here in Atlanta because the National Museum of Patriotism is here. I haven't met anyone who knows what that slogan means."

  • Comme Des Power Electronics

    Luke Younger and Steve Warwick met six years ago at a Trans Am show in London where a shared a love of hardcore and harsh power electronics led to them moving around the country performing together in various weirdly-named outfits but eventually...

  • Fuck The Fashion World

    Five years ago it was extremely fashionable to be in a garage rock band. You know how it went.

  • Vice Fashion - One Girl, Six Ways

    Photos by Richard KernStyling by Rachel Gilman

  • Bands Of Nyc

    THE VIRGINSWe think they would be better named Band of Babes, but whatever. The Virgins have been together for all of 20 minutes and yet have already managed to tour Europe, open for Patti Smith, sign to a major label, and get their genteel...

  • Shroud Of Metal

    Last time Watain played live in London the new "no fluids" rule was in effect. It made bringing the rotten blood they use to impregnate their clothes with a little trickier, but somehow they managed to smuggle it onto the plane and into the UK (yay for...