Volume 14 Τεύχος 7

  • Enrique Metinides Is Our New Favorite Photographer

    He photographed crime scenes in Mexico City for 50 years. How did we not know about this guy until now? Here, Metinides talks to Vice about his life and his work. Imagine if he was your grandpa

  • Damiano Nava

    This girl's name is Florinda. I met her in Bologna at a 24-hour cigarette dispenser. The machine had just stolen her money. We started talking, one thing led to another, and we went for dinner the next night. I took this picture at her house, but...

  • Jerry Hsu

  • Holy Heroin

    There are about 6,000 junkies living in East Jerusalem, the area Israel captured (or recaptured) from Jordan during the Six-Day War. Unlike the rest of the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority has no control over the region, which has resulted in more...

  • The Girls Of "shot By Kern"

    Photos by Richard Kern

  • Isabella Rozendaal

    Friendship is very important to me. These photos are all of my good friend Wyne Veen. Wyne was in most of my photos for a long time for obvious reasons: She was always around and she is quite pretty. She looks good with or without clothes. This is a...

  • The Student Army Of Burma

    A few years ago I lived in one of the ABSDF's seven military camps along the Thai/Indonesian/ Chinese border. The All Burma Students' Democratic Front are a student army fighting for democracy in their home nation. They formed in November of 1988

  • Gavin Watson

    KELLEY"I first met Kelley in 1983 at an 18th birthday party. She was the only punk there and I was the only skinhead. Everybody else looked like Kevs and Norms so it was love at first

  • Jonathan Black

    On February 3, 2006, two weeks after Laura and I got married at City Hall, she got into a terrible bike accident. She doesn't remember what happened and there were no witnesses. They found her lying two blocks away from the restaurant she worked at...

  • Wrestlers Of The Congo

    In the Congo, wrestling is just as popular as it is in America. The main difference between wrestling in the US and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is that the Congolese like to introduce a mystical, magical "voodoo" element to the pantomime. So...

  • Paul Kneale

    This photo was taken on the west coast of Ireland near a town where there are 10,000 people and 55 pubs. We were going for a bike ride on these mountain roads where all kinds of people get killed in car wrecks and not long after I took this photo we...

  • Us And Them

    This photo story is all about the complex relationship that people have with animals. It's about how animals become consumer products for people, objects for medical research to benefit humanity, and also how we use them for love and affection