Volume 17 Τεύχος 4

  • We Have The Internet And Planes

    There's a commonly held belief that Tasmania is a barren landscape. That it's devoid of culture, suitable only for heathen farmhands and sibling fornicators. Hobart's Native Cats play straight forward trance-inducing pop that pretty much shatters this...

  • There’s Juice in the Fridge…

    Photos by Ben Ritter, Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos

  • Fuck Face

    I have a weird friend. I don't know her name. I guess "friend" might be a slight overstatement. She is a ginger with extremely curly hair.

  • Pavel

    Photos by David Armstrong

  • Vice Comics

    Welcome To: Jeremy Carol Danny

  • My Brother Was in a Chinese Boy Band

    In 2001, my older brother Rich went to Beijing. Once there, he lied about his age, changed his name to Jun (which means handsome in Chinese), and started a pop group. Their biggest hit was a song called "Get On Up and Get Down," which they performed in...

  • Records

    I remember when all the bands I liked were being referred to as "garage punk."

  • Vice Comics

    Flowertown, U.S.A.

  • "They Just Want to Look in the Mirror"

    One of the main reasons that William T. Vollmann’s writing is so expertly detailed and rich is because he is a master of both old-fashioned, shoe-leather research and the deskbound library variety.

  • Down By The Water

    Photos by Natasja Maria Fourie

  • Kagomaniacs

    Emissions Trading.

  • Brix Smith

    In the 1980s, Brix Smith was best known as a guitarist in The Fall, and as the wife of its frontman Mark E. Smith, whom she divorced. Brix was one of very few women in British indie at a time when it was still any good.