Volume 17 Τεύχος 5

  • Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII is a great game, but only if you play it on its own terms. It's a serious break from the way previous Final Fantasy games have played, which can be shocking or disappointing if you want a familiar experience.

  • Employees Of The Month

    Lisa’s illustrations have appeared in McSweeney’s, The Believer, and LA Weekly. Her first comic book, I Want You, is super-good and was published by Buenaventura Press last year.

  • Dum Things

    Dee-Dee Penny and her Dum Dum Girls make ’60s girl group inspired pop tunes mired in a murky lo-fi haze that makes your head hurt in a nice way. The band’s debut album, I Will Be, is a fun collection of songs about tough girly shit.

  • Wet N‘ Wild

    Photos by David Titlow, Styling by Teddy George-Poku