Volume 19 Τεύχος 11

  • Syria: Bombs Away

    President Bashar al-Assad and the remaining Syrian leaders want to invite your investment, commerce, and tourism as we say BOMBS AWAY to speculation and development in Syria—"A country exploding with opportunity... and bombs!!"

  • Can Films Right the "Conspiracy Against Syria"?

    Najdat Anzour is a leading Syrian director who made news in 2007, when it was announced that he was slated to direct a film based on a screenplay by Muammar Gaddafi. I dialed up Najdat to talk about the conflict in Syria.

  • All in the Family

    As we were putting together this issue, we realized that coordinating a fashion shoot inside Syria would void our insurance. Luckily, we tracked down a Syrian Jewish family living in nearby Sheepshead Bay who were willing to participate.

  • On the Lam in Lebanon

    It’s dusk when the rebels move into position within a cluster of lemon and olive groves about 300 feet from the Syrian border post north of the bleak and dusty Lebanese farming village of al-Qaa. I’m watching the operation from behind the troops with...

  • The Magic Kingdom of Syria

    Here’s a fun idea for Syria: Disneyland. Just because your government has oppressed you for generations and your country is in the midst of a full-scale civil war doesn’t mean you don’t want to get soaked on Splash Mountain, right?

  • Who Wants to Kill a Million!

    Bashar al-Assad follows fellow murderous dictators Mubarak and Gaddafi in the hot seat. "If you were to commit a massacre in Damascus, who would you put in charge?" A comic from the Syria issue drawn by Johnny Ryan.

  • Syrian Hamsters

    These furry bags of joy love desert climates and stuffing as much food into their cheek pouches as possible—in fact, their Arabic name roughly translates as “Mr. Saddlebags.” Not joking.

  • Hey, United Nations!

    In an attempt to find out how the world’s premier bastion of peace, international cooperation, and social progress has internally reacted to the conflict in Syria since its withdrawal, VICE bureaus from around the world reached out to their respective...

  • Thousands Are Losing Their Limbs in Assad’s War

    Attempting to uphold humanitarian rights in Syria under Assad is risky business—especially for Chavia Ali, the wheelchair-bound Kurdish chairwoman of the Cultural Forum for People with Special Needs.

  • Gunrunning with the Free Syrian Army

    Blindfolded, I fidgeted nervously in the back of an unmarked car, squished between a gunrunner and a young Free Syrian Army soldier. It had been at least an hour since we left the border town of Kilis, Turkey, and we were now off-roading across the...

  • Beats, Rhymes, and Death

    The extreme levels of censorship and sensitivity clash with the traditionally rebellious nature of hip-hop, and to violate them by recording a hip-hop track with incendiary lyrics can be a deadly decision.

  • I Went to Syria to Learn How to Be a Journalist

    Sunil Patel had never been published before he decided to go to Syria in August 2012 to become a war correspondent. It was a foolish idea for sure, and he almost died several times during his trip, but we still think his story was worth the risk.