Volume 20 Τεύχος 3

  • Spring Break!

    On my breaks I like to strap on these springs and bounce around the woods.

  • Gimme a Fucking Break #4

    Despite flunking out of six of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in New Jersey in less than three years, I never got to experience the crazy beach rompfest marinated in cheap beer that is spring break.

  • Sea DMT

    Writing almost exclusively about psychoactives, it is not unusual for me to be contacted by strangers who wish to report on the effects of various drugs. Most of these reports are uninteresting, but occasionally I receive something unusual.

  • Killers of Serpents

    Justin's mission is to kill Burmese pythons, which can grow as long as 20 feet. He is one of 1,400 people who have signed up to hunt, shoot, and decapitate as many of the snakes as they can in a month as part of Florida’s first-ever Python Challenge.

  • Forget Sunshine

    The new hot spot where all the cool kids go to do keg stands on stacks of cock rings is the MOTHAFUCKIN’ PACIFIC NORTHWEST! And to prove it, we enlisted Pacific Northwest bands Pony Time, the Thermals, Tacocat, and Parenthetical Girls to share pictures...

  • Zanesville

    Nathaniel Rich was inspired to write “Zanesville” after hearing the real-life tale of Terry Thompson, who killed himself a few years ago after releasing 56 tigers, bears, lions, wolves, leopards, and monkeys from the animal refuge he ran in Ohio. All...

  • DJ Wika Is Older and Cooler Than You

    Wirginia Szmyt, aka DJ Wika, is a 74-year-old who can mix tracks on a pair of laptops better than most 20-year-olds with shitty attitudes who think they’ve mastered Serato. Wirginia’s been a fixture of the senior-citizen party scene in Warsaw for more...

  • Teenage Vacation Week

    I’ve been thinking back on the first film I ever produced, 'Teenage Vacation Week.' I was also in it. I played Jim Francino: A low-down, dirty pimp who had a thing for naval outfits. He convinces these two teens who are on vacation for a week to do a...

  • What're You Into?

    Spring break is here! Anything goes and there's a partner for whatever floats yer boat. All you need to know are THE SIGNALS... What you're putting out there, what you can expect to get back. The Master Baiter is here to fill you in on the specifics of...

  • Facedown in Chitral

    The region of Kafiristan stretches across portions of what is today Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Kalash people spurn Islamic law by drinking, taking drugs, and partying.

  • Home Entertainment

    Photos by Richard Kern.

  • Behind the Debauchery

    I’ve known Harmony Korine for many years; we’ve been friends through thick and thin, good times and bad. I feel like every element of 'Spring Breakers' was him creating an environment where people felt really open and safe—perhaps so they were...