Volume 9 Τεύχος 7

  • The VICE Guide to Surviving Junior High

    Adidas is cool. It's always cool, but make sure you know that it stands for "All Day I Dream About Sex."

  • Ya Heard?

    The legendary E-40 Fonzarelli will go down in history for three reasons. First, he, along with Too $hort, is one of the first independent rap moguls, scoring a multi-million-dollar major label deal for his Sick-Wid-It imprint way before the No Limits...

  • The Anti-Goth

    Quix*o*tic's music kind of sounds like it's made by the spooky kids in the back of your high school art class.

  • The Noise Has Ended

    The debut Black Dice full-length, Beaches and Canyons, is out this month, and it is a full-on psychedelic mindfuck of epic proportions. Which may surprise some, since Black Dice are still known for those aggro powerviolence 30-second bursts of pain...

  • My America

    What goes better with American flags than a big ol’ helping of the phrase, “God Bless America”?

  • No Shit

    I have never gone to the bathroom.