Young Jeezy

  • VICE Premiere: Lil Reese's "Traffic [Remix]" Featuring Twista and Young Jeezy

    Now that Lil Reese has upped the ante on "Traffic" by tapping Young Jeezy and Chicago legend Twista for the remix, I'm considering hijacking a gypsy cab just so I can hear the banger properly.

  • Salafists in Sidon: Not as Bad as You Think

    In Sidon, a coastal Lebanese city south of Beirut, a crowd of several hundred people gathered on Thursday night to protest "Innocence of Muslims"--the film created by right-wing zealots and a soft-core porn director that has sparked violent protests...

  • Records

    Young Jeezy may not have the metaphors of Jay-Z or the output of Lil Wayne, but what he does have is the best voice in rap coupled with the charisma of a Southern preacher running a used-car lot.