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Some Guy Tried to Smuggle Foreign Currency From Delhi Airport by Hiding It in Peanuts

Cooked mutton pieces and biscuits were also involved.
Shamani Joshi
Mumbai, IN
Some guy tried to smuggle foreign currency from Delhi airport by hiding it in peanuts
Photo by Annie Spratt (left) and Vladislav Nikonov (right) via Unsplash

People get up to a lot of random shit to fool security forces at airports, whether it’s dressing up like an old man or smuggling gold up their butt. Now, one man has come up with an idea that’s literally nuts. A man was caught at Delhi Airport trying to sneak in Rs 45 lakhs worth of foreign currency through peanuts, biscuits and what is equal parts disgusting and genius, cooked mutton pieces.

Murad Alam, a 25-year-old man was caught when the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport noticed his “suspicious” behaviour as he boarded his flight to Dubai and pulled him up. Upon thoroughly inspecting all the food he was carrying with him, they found 508 crisply rolled currency notes inside them.

A video tweeted out by the CISF shows security personnel breaking open sealed biscuit packets, cracking peanuts and tearing apart mutton pieces whose “bones” were actually cylindrical objects to reveal an assortment of neatly wrapped Saudi Riyal, Qatari Riyal, Kuwaiti Dinar, Omani Riyal and Euro currencies. Alam, who is reportedly a labourer from Uttar Pradesh has now been handed over to the customs authorities and claims he was carrying these currency notes on the direction of someone else. The officials said that Alam is suspected to be a courier for smuggling currency as he had made multiple visits to Dubai and other foreign countries in the past.

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