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People Are Now Stripping Naked and Filming Their Partner's Shocked Reaction for TikTok

Just another way to pass time while on home quarantine.
Koh Ewe
tik tok naked partner challenge
(L) Image from @lilliana_robertson on TikTok. (R) Image from @hxnkins on TikTok. 

Social distancing has us staying at home most of the time, giving us a reason to dress down while working from home. But a recent internet trend has people dressing all the way down.

In a series of cheeky videos on TikTok, people are getting buck naked, surprising their partners, and filming their reactions. The best ones catch people off guard in untimely situations like while playing video games or during work calls.


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people around the world are staying at home as part of social distancing measures. As couples are spending a lot more time together, it comes as no surprise that this quirky naked challenge went viral fast. In all of these videos, the naked person behind the camera is never revealed. But the expressions of their dumbfounded targets say it all.

There was this one guy who clearly couldn’t contain his excitement at seeing his partner without a stitch on.

One TikTok user who tried to surprise his girlfriend in his birthday suit caused collateral damage in the form of her mother, who also happened to be in the room.

Judging from the mother’s face of pure horror, that’s going to be conversation fodder for the next family gathering.

Then there are the diabolical ones who decided to distract their partners working from home.

Imagine having to keep a straight face for your co-workers while your bare-assed partner frolicks right in front of you.

It appears that social isolation is making people do the wildest things for a good laugh. But amidst the coronavirus anxieties that have enveloped the world, perhaps a good laugh is what we all need. For those looking to spice things up while stuck at home with their partners, it’s time to birthday suit up.

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