Gal Gadot's Celebrity 'Imagine' Video Is Just Too Cringe

Super-wealthy celebrities including Natalie Portman, Jimmy Fallon, and Kristen Wiig are saving the world from coronavirus by... singing John Lennon's 'Imagine'?
Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot and Will Ferrell in the cringe "Imagine" video.

Just when we thought our world couldn’t feel more dystopic, a group of super rich celebrities has created a video montage of John Lennon’s “Imagine” (of course) that feels very “this is the last thing you see before you die.”

The video was posted to Gal Gadot’s Instagram. In the clip the actress explains that she is in self-quarantine and the pandemic is affecting everyone and “we’re all in this together.” She notes that she saw a video of an Italian man playing “Imagine” on the trumpet, which apparently prompted the celebrity-singalong. In less than 24 hours it has 4.5 million views on Instagram.


In a country where only the privileged seem to have access to adequate testing, the last thing we want to watch is a remix of rich people quarantining in their mansions telling us to “imagine” a better world. Yet here we are, obsessively watching this video because it’s so tone-deaf that we can’t look away.

Intro 0:00-1:05 - Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot kicks things off saying she’s on day six of her quarantine and that the virus has her feeling a bit “philosophical.” She’s reflecting on a video she saw from Italy of a man in quarantine playing “Imagine” from his balcony that moved her deeply. So naturally she does what Americans do best: she recruits an army of celebrities to reboot a foreign film and destroys its purity. Also her skin looks great; not touching your face really works.

Celebrity #1 - 1:06 Kristen Wiig

She’s outside, no!

Celebrity #2 - 1:12 Jamie Dornan

A famous model? Idk! How about you donate some money?

Celebrity #3 - 1:15 Labrinth (?)

Hard to believe someone can have over 300 million listens on Spotify and I've never heard of them till this shitty video.

Celebrity #4 - 1:17 James Marsden

The guy in the friend group who is a little too good at karaoke.

Celebrity #5 - 1:20 Sarah Silverman

Get back to phone-banking for Bernie, we need you!

Celebrity #6 - 1:30 Eddie Benjamin

This kid looks like he’s about 20 minutes away from getting a face tattoo.

Celebrity #7 - 1:35 Jimmy Fallon

Easily the funniest thing he’s ever done. Also, he looks like he’s slowly morphing into Jay Leno.

Celebrity #8 - 1:39 Natalie Portman

There is a rumour that author Jonathan Safran Foer left his wife for Natalie Portman without checking to see if Natalie was actually on board with dating him. This video is slightly more embarrassing than that.

Celebrity #9 - 1:43 Zoe Kravitz

Quarantine looks like it’s the worst thing to happen to Zoe since The Incident.

Celebrity #10 - 1:45 Sia

iMmamaggginneee alllll the ppeeeeeyooopplllleeeeeeeee livvinnggg foorahhh toaaddaayyy YAOOAOUUUYYYYUUOU

Celebrity #11 - 1:59 Lynda Carter

Unrelated trivia: While the actress is best known for playing Wonder Woman, she also voices a character in Fallout 4, a videogame about the hellscape America is left in after a worldwide catastrophe.

Celebrity #12 - 2:06 Amy Adams

Pretending I never saw this; can’t bring myself to drag Amy.

Celebrity #13 - 2:11 Leslie Odom Jr.

Proving musical theatre kids will take any opportunity to sing, regardless of whether it is appropriate.

Celebrity #14 - 2:20 Pedro Pascal

“Imagine no… possessions…” he sings extremely half-heartedly from his Malibu beach house.

Celebrity #15 - 2:23 Chris O’Dowd

Like the virus, O'Dowd is also much bigger in Europe.

Celebrity #16 - 2:26 Will Ferrell

He looks like he’s on day 60 of quarantine.

Celebrity #17 - 2:31 Mark Ruffalo

Like…I'm not really angry he did this, but I am disappointed.

Celebrity #18 - 2:35 Norah Jones

Career's been dead for oh so long

Don't know why she's on this song


Celebrities #19, #20, #21 - 2:41 Ashley Benson, Kaia Gerber, Cara Delevingne

This is quite literally the opposite of social distancing.

Celebrity #22 - 2:46 Annie Mumolo

I bet she felt really excited to be included on the video. Good for her.

Celebrity #23 - 2:48 Maya Rudolph

This is the only song I want to hear Maya sing!