Follower of QAnon Influencer Who Claims to be Canada’s Queen Arrested Over School Threats

"Time to go hunting. Bang bang,” the follower of Romana Didulo wrote in a private chat for her "duck hunters."
A follower of Romana Didulo, a woman who claims to be the Queen of Canada, was arrested in Laval, Quebec, after making threats about his daughter's school.
Romana Didulo in a livestream. Photo via screenshot.

A follower of Romana Didulo, a woman who claims to be the Queen of Canada, was arrested in Laval, Quebec, after allegedly making threats about his daughter's school. 

The arrest comes after Didulo, a QAnon influencer with over 70,000 followers online, was detained by the RCMP and a search warrant was executed on her home after she made a post calling for the military of Canada to “shoot to kill” people facilitating children being vaccinated. 


The post was made inside a private chat room for Canadian “duck hunters,” the term Didulo and her followers use to describe people chosen to carry out arrests and violence. The post featured the details of his daughters' school, which was offering vaccination to their students. He wrote “time to go hunting bang bang” at the end of the post. The post has since been removed; it is unknown why or who took it down.

The comments had been previously reported by VICE World News and the CBC. In a press release, Laval police said they were alerted to the post by the CBC article. 

“The SPL took this threat seriously and immediately opened a case. Investigators quickly identified a suspect and proceeded to arrest him on December 2,” reads a translated copy of the press release. “The latter was met by investigators then released with conditions, he will appear in court later.”


VICE World News found the accused man’s social media pages, and it appears he and his immediate family are all followers of Didulo who have posted about her several times on Facebook. 

Didulo’s following, which exploded earlier this year after several influential QAnon figures promoted her, has taken numerous real-world actions on her behalf, including the hand-delivery of hundreds of fake cease-and-desist notices to businesses in multiple countries. The QAnon community, which is believed to number in the millions, believes in the wildly unfactual, and wide-ranging, conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is secretly waging war against a pedophilic cabal of leftist elites who (also secretly) run the world. It’s a theory that Didulo has, as the self-proclaimed Queen of Canada, inserted herself directly into. The FBI has linked some QAnon followers to violence and has warned that the community is an increasing domestic threat.

Despite Didulo seemingly backpedalling from her “duck hunter” idea, the private chat still exists on Telegram, and inside it the users are active. Currently, they say they’re awaiting instructions before they do any harm; however, some are getting impatient. 

“When do we start doing citizens arrests to those vaccinating our children??” a man claiming to be in the Ottawa Valley wrote. “Are we sitting idly by waiting for instructions while vaccinators and ignorant parents sacrifice their children? Let's network and end this.”

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