Monthly Horoscope: Leo, October 2022

Welcome to Libra season, dear Leo!

Libra season is a busy, social time of year for you, dear Leo, with plenty of communication taking place!

Venus in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries, which could bring you an especially sweet message or find you receiving news that is gratifying in some way. Mercury retrograde in Virgo ends on October 2, helping communications move forward after what may have been a period of disorganization, delays, or misunderstandings. The sun in Libra illuminates the sector of your chart that rules the mind, which can find you taking care of paperwork and sorting out details of plans and arrangements. Your focus is also on connecting with your local neighborhood: You may be exploring new shops or restaurants that have opened, or connecting with your neighbors. If you have siblings, you might be connecting with them at this time, too!


Mercury direct in Virgo can find you moving forward with discussions regarding money, and on October 6, Mercury mingles with Pluto in Capricorn, perhaps bringing interesting information about your finances, work, or responsibilities. Aside from money, you can also gain insight into your habits, and this is a powerful time to shift your usual routine. This alignment can also find you revisiting discussions that took place on August 22 and September 27: Information shared then may be relevant now. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn ends on October 8, again making it a powerful time to adjust your habits! Breakthroughs can take place.

The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries takes place on October 9, which could bring a discussion to a dramatic climax. The way you think about the world may be drastically altered! A journey could be reaching completion at this time, and new dreams about where you want to go, what you want to study, or the ideas you want to share, are brewed up. An educational goal may be reached at this time. A message you’re eager to share could reach its audience.

Mercury reenters Libra after its retrograde on October 10, which can bode well for communication: You feel especially witty, charming, and organized at this time. The sun makes a harmonious connection with Saturn, which is currently in your opposite sign, Aquarius, on October 11, making it an especially productive time to discuss plans, agreements, and expectations with partners.


Mars in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces on October 12, which can find you dealing with some confusion in your social life. The mood is lazy, and people might promise things they can’t deliver; if something sounds too good to be true, trust your intuition, Leo. People may have good intentions and even be quite optimistic, friendly, and chatty as Mercury opposes Jupiter on October 12! But details may be overlooked. Take it slow and make important decisions on another day. Let yourself take in all the information. Also at this time, you might be revisiting discussions and plans that were made on September 2 and September 18.

Venus connects with Saturn on October 14, a fantastic time to discuss dreams and goals with a partner! The mood isn’t especially romantic, but it is productive and focused, and it can be a great opportunity to have a sincere conversation about boundaries and needs. Venus is the planet of pleasure, and Saturn of responsibility: The rules of love and desire can be discussed! The sun connects with Mars on October 17, creating a busy atmosphere in your social life. An energizing discussion could find you eager to spend time on a hobby or interest. This can also be an effective moment for teamwork and communication in general. Venus connects with Mars on October 18, inspiring a fun, flirtatious atmosphere!


Intense feelings may surface as your astrological ruler, the sun, squares off with Pluto on October 19, followed by Venus squaring off with Pluto on October 20. An ego clash could take place, or control issues flare up. You may be having a reckoning regarding the people in your life who you cannot have a fair, reasonable conversation with. If you feel like someone is manipulative with their words, or twisting your words, it’s time to set boundaries and perhaps bring in the help of someone qualified who can help mediate or support you as you make these changes. The sun meets Venus on October 22, finding you having an important realization about your values, especially regarding communication. Also on this day, Mercury connects with Saturn, helping you set boundaries in communication, and your relationships. Plans and strategies can be discussed.

Saturn ends its retrograde in Aquarius, Venus enters Scorpio, and Scorpio season begins on October 23! Saturn turning direct can find you and your partners discussing responsibilities, plans, and commitments. This may not be the most romantic energy for connecting, but it’s a very solid one for recommitting to goals, setting boundaries, and discussing expectations.

Venus in Scorpio could mean redecorating your home or entertaining loved ones. In your love life, you might be inviting someone into your home or personal life in some significant way, or perhaps you’re reconnecting with someone from your past or who is connected to your past. If you already live with a partner, you may spruce up your home together in some way, creating a private space for you to connect. The sun in Scorpio also finds you particularly focused on home and family, and the solar eclipse in Scorpio takes place on October 25, marking a big change in your living situation in personal life. You could be moving, renovating, or creating a transformation in your home or family life in a significant way. Your relationship with the past can also undergo a deep transformation.

Mercury connects with Mars on October 26, helping communication move along quickly, and this can be an exciting, dynamic time in your social life. Important questions are asked as Mercury squares off with Pluto on October 27. You could also be reorganizing your schedule or plans in some way. New information can propel you to take action and change your daily routine or habits.

Jupiter reenters Pisces on October 28 after having spent some time in fellow fire sign Aries, bringing your focus to finances. People may be especially excited to invest in you at this time, and resources might become available to you. But remember that while Jupiter is the planet of luck, it is also the planet of excess, so be careful to watch your spending, and stay on top of issues like debt, taxes, or money you owe others. Much may be given to you at this time, but be aware of any strings attached, and be mindful of what’s expected in return. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 29, which can find you connecting with family or organizing paperwork regarding your home or living situation. Or you may be reconnecting with the past at this time!

Mars retrograde in Gemini begins on October 30, activating the sector of your chart that rules your social life. You may be reflecting on how you work with or fit into group dynamics: Are you good at working on a team? Or do you prefer to go it alone? We may not always have a choice, and this Mars retrograde can inspire you to look at dynamics that play out when you work with groups. Again, your social life is a big focus at this time, and you could be addressing or resolving issues with friends, and looking at the role anger plays in your interactions. Finding healthy, productive ways to work with anger and frustration is a great way to work with Mars retrograde in Gemini. 

Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in November!