T. Cavallaro & Sons: Home to Melbourne’s Best Cannoli

Handcrafting authentic Sicilian sweets and building a strong family legacy since 1956.
Adele Luamanuvae
Sydney, AU
Cannolis in melbourne

“Food is about memories,” said Tony Cavallaro, the second-generation cannoli maker at Melbourne’s T. Cavallaro & Sons.

Having made his very first steps as a baby on the bakery shop floors, he carries the legacy of his parents Tommaso and Sarina, who migrated separately from Italy, to Melbourne’s Footscray, in 1949 and 1951.

From serving cannoli to crowds of spectators at the MCG during the 1956 Olympic Games, to now adopting a new generation of family members into the business – artisanal dessert making is a treasured affair for the Cavallaros, and it always will be.

VICE’s Aleksandra Bliszczyk sat down with Tony Cavallaro to talk about the institution’s rich family history, and their longterm dedication to invigorating Melbourne with the true taste of Sicily.