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Dreaming of Post-COVID Trips? Away Is Having a Huge Luggage Sale

Away is known for its thoughtful, high-tech travel goods—and it's having a surprise 30% off sale with for packing up and GTFO.
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

As folks continue to juice up on Pfizer and its vaxxy brethren, we’re entertaining a future of scooting off in our Wheelies to the nearest airport or Greyhound station for a COVID-conscious vacation. Only, this time, we won’t be using the same crappy non-bag bag, or that one IKEA bag (no shade) as MacGyver’d luggage. We’re hoping to be rolling up with Away, the zaddy of all luggage sites, known for its sick tech (we're talking a carry-on that charges your phone via an integrated rechargeable battery), ridiculously durable shells, and thoughtful organizing pockets. Away’s designs feel classic, but updated for our 21st-century needs of Packing All The Things. Ever seen a carry-on catapult itself off a baggage claim in protest of its own busted mug? Not the case here. 


Just like Beyoncé is apt to do, Away popped in unannounced with a massive surprise this week, though in the form of a 30% off sale rather than a video album. We want all the things, but for the sake of traveling better, lighter, and with less embarrassing suitcases, we’ve picked out the best paraphernalia for thee. 

Is that a pocket in your carry-on, or are you just happy to see me?

The Daily Carry-On with Pocket

Photo: Away

Pants get pockets. Dresses get pockets (and should get more, IMO). So why shouldn’t your luggage be equipped with the best of the best pocketry? This rolly polly carry-on has those 360-degree spinner wheels for Tony Hawk moments, and a “removable three-compartment accordion” inside for stressing you out (JK, it’s really helpful for storage).

The Daily Carry-On with Pocket $245 $171 at Away

The bigger carry-on 

Bigger Carry-On Away

Photo: Away

Yup. That’s just it. The quintessential carry-on by Away, but made a little bit bigger for when you expand the Sims pack. Love that brick color, too. "Attractive main character coming back to their hometown from the big city" energy. 

The Bigger Carry-On $245 $171, at Away

You want to slightly intimidate everyone around you

The Bigger Carry-On Aluminium

Photo: Away

Yes, this is the thing the people have to code-crack open at the end of the spy movie to get out the Earth-saving stuff. It is also an unbustable aluminum carry-on that turns the baggage claim into a runway walk. So much is happening, and it’s all so hot. 


The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition, $495 $346 at Away

Because we’re sick of our toiletry pouches busting open 

The Mini Away

Photo: Away

There’s nothing more infuriating than hopping off a bus or a plane or a gator, and finding your smaller toiletries/loose bits bag has thrown up inside your larger bag. This just might be the most useful travel bag of all, because it seals all those little capricious liquids up tight in its chic, mini aluminum body.

The Mini, $65 $45 at Away

The Mini Everywhere Bag: Don't call it a purse

The Mini Everywhere Bag

Photo: Away

We all have a certain amount of stuff we need to haul around, whether it's the standards (keys, phone, wallet) or the more specialized (my Heineken bottle opener engraved with the name LARRY that I found on the sidewalk, Japanese menthol eye drops, a lucky wisdom tooth). Call it unisex or all-gender, but the Mini Everywhere Bag is for anyone and everyone. Carry it by its shorter handles or sling it over your shoulder with the long strap—it's perfect for the airport or for walking around Joshua Tree or Shinjuku, but doubles as an everyday purse, murse, or just plain "bag." 

The Mini Everywhere Bag, $195 $136, at Away 

Why is packing for a three-day trip so hard? (It doesn't have to be.)

Weekender bag Away

Photo: Away

[Seinfeld voice] Why is it so dang hard to pack just the right amount of stuff for a weekend getaway? It's either one T-shirt and a swimsuit, but no pants (oops) or enough outfits for three weeks in varying climate conditions. Step one to mastering the art of the effortless weekend getaway: Get a bag that's the right size. The Weekender fits in an overhead bin, but has enough space for a couple of shoe swaps, your laptop, several layers of clothing for a San Francisco spring day, and your favorite pair of sweats. 


The Weekender, $195 $137 at Away

For the love of god, try not to lose your passport

Passport holder Away

Photo: Away

The key to enjoying a trip is not losing anything life-ruining—meaning hold on tight to your phone, wallet, and passport… especially that last thing. This passport holder holds on to not just your ticket to paradise, but also a couple of credit cards and travel documents, whether that means a visa or your card saying "Hell yeah, I've been vaccinated."

The Passport Holder. $75 $52 at Away 

Gift this to someone you want to travel with

The Travel Wellness Kit Away

Photo: Away

This is the best kind of present. One, it’s useful. Two, it’s both a thoughtfully chic gesture (who can’t use a fresh hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and soap leaves, because you’re fancyyy?) and a present with a dose of optimism, communicating the message of “Don’t worry. We will bust out to the beach again.”  

The Travel Wellness Kit, $65 $45 at Away

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