Australian Uses Wheelie Bin to Steal Almost $10k Worth of Cowboy Hats

The man was later arrested in the 'Country Music Capital of Australia'.
November 19, 2020, 4:15am
pjimage - 2020-11-19T152335

A man in Australia was arrested this week for stealing thousands of dollars worth of cowboy hats, stuffing them into a wheelie bin and fleeing the scene just before dawn.

The 32-year-old allegedly broke into a business in the town of Scone, in New South Wales’ Hunter region, at about 5.30AM on October 27. He then pilfered dozens of straw and felt cowboy hats—each of them valued between $250 and $300 AUD each—and smuggled them away inside the bin. 

All in all, the haul was worth almost $10,000 AUD.

Police finally tracked down the hat bandit in Tamworth—the "Country Music Capital of Australia"—and arrested him on Tuesday, some three weeks after the incident.

He was charged with breaking and entering, and possessing stolen goods.