You Should Listen to Season 3 of our Podcast, Extremes

The show about people living through the wildest stories we can find is back.
March 2, 2021, 6:11am

Hey, Julian Morgans here. I’m the host of Extremes, which I assume you’re familiar with because you’ve clicked on this article. If not, please, allow me to explain. Basically, the show is called “Extremes” because we talk to people who’ve lived through the most extreme stories we can find.

We’ll be releasing one episode a week, every Wednesday, and only on Spotify. Here’s the trailer for season three:

The first episode drops tomorrow, and it’s a ghost story. Specifically, it’s a story about a ghost hunter who stayed in a house that was the site of a historical axe murder—only to mysteriously stab himself in the middle of the night.

In another episode, we’re hearing from a former member of a Japanese cult—a cult that bought a remote property in Western Australia to mine uranium, and then possibly tested the world’s first DIY nuclear bomb.

And then, in another episode, we’re hearing from two Iraqi soldiers, two men, who fell in love during America’s 2003 ousting of Saddam Hussein. We’ll hear how they survived war, and overcame stigma, to finally get married in the U.S.

Just like last season, some of the stories we cover are fun and quirky, while others are really quite sad. The through-line is that they all offer us a window into how human beings respond when the bets are off.

So click the banner or search “Extremes” to listen from March 3.