TikTok's Latest Trend Is Catching Lil Nas X On His Way to Hell

If laughing at these sends me to hell, so be it. They get big booty bitches there.
April 1, 2021, 1:00pm
Lil Nas X on his way to grind with the devil.
Image: Lil Nas X

King of the internet Lil Nas X has absolutely obliterated many conservatives’ minds by releasing a music video in which he pole dances into hell and lap dances on the devil. On TikTok, users are supporting him by portraying themselves in hell, being startled by his arrival.

Rapper Lil Nas X was previously known for his surprise hit single "Old Town Road," a mashup of rap and country that made weird racists lose their marbles. He's back at it again with "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)," an incredibly horny song about wanting to fuck your rivals and succeeding. This time it's not the song but the video that is making conservatives (including elected officials) red, mad and nude. It’s the music video and a “Satan Shoes” collab, which contain real blood.

As this imagery continues to melt minds, users on TikTok have found a way to support Lil Nas X during this trying time. Lil Nas X, whose effortless use of the internet is part of his success, has been retweeting funny videos and sketches relating to his music video, some of them explicitly calling out the kinds of people who have called him and his work immoral. He's also retweeted cute videos of other people depicting themselves either in heaven or hell, at the precise moment that Lil Nas X descends past them, with "Montero" playing in the background as he slides by.

By the time anything from TikTok makes it to Twitter, it's already a fully blown trend on its original platform. Users on TikTok have depicted themselves as horrible people in hell, witnessing the arrival of Lil Nas X:

Or as contractors for the devil, trying to figure out why people are breaking into hell instead of out of it:

They're also making videos as themselves, talking about why they don't deserve to stay in hell—or deserve to stay in heaven.

Minecraft fans have even gotten in on the bit, showing what happens in the game's version of the underworld. You think Lil Nas X mined through obsidian with those thigh highs or what?

One incredible TikTok depicts the exact moment Lil Nas X reaches Satan:

Being outraged by "Montero'' doesn't seem to be making it disappear, going by the volume of riffs on it that exist on TikTok. In fact, the controversy surrounding the video just makes all the jokes about it even funnier. If laughing at these sends me to hell, so be it. They get big booty bitches there.