Where Is Miya Marcano? 19-Year-Old Missing and Person of Interest Found Dead.

Authorities are still looking for Miya Marcano, the 19-year-old Orlando woman who was reported missing Friday evening.
September 28, 2021, 6:15pm
Miya Marcano, 19
Miya Marcano, 19 (

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Authorities are still looking for Miya Marcano, the 19-year-old Orlando woman who was reported missing Friday evening—just days before the person of interest in her case was found dead of an apparent suicide.


Orange County Sheriff John Mina called Marcano’s ongoing disappearance “suspicious” at a press conference Monday and noted the now-deceased person of interest—a maintenance person at the apartment complex where Marcano lived and worked—had previously demonstrated a romantic interest in her, only to be “repeatedly rebuffed.” 

That maintenance person, 27-year-old Armando Manuel Caballero, also had access to the apartment complex’s master key fob—which was used to enter Marcano’s apartment Friday at about 4:30 p.m., or half an hour before she was last seen at work. She was supposed to get on a flight to Fort Lauderdale that night, but she never made it, according to the Washington Post.

Marcano’s family soon reported her missing and responding deputies even interviewed Caballero, who said he’d last seen her around 3 p.m., according to Mina. But detectives later became more suspicious and issued an arrest warrant against Caballero for burglary since he’d entered Marcano’s apartment without permission. 

He was then found dead at a Seminole County apartment complex, where he’d been deceased for “quite some time,” Mina said, without getting into specifics.

Now, lacking information on Marcano’s whereabouts, the missing woman’s family is pleading for help. 


"I know you're alive," Marcano's aunt, Pia Scarbriel Henry, said at the news conference Monday. "I know you're out there.”

Marcano’s father, Marlon Marcano—a South Florida DJ who goes by DJ Eternal Vibes—has also been posting pictures of her on Instagram ever since she went missing. In one caption beneath a photo of him kissing Marcano’s cheek while she’s wearing a graduation cap and gown, he wrote: “I have a full team searching for you all over the world. Don’t give up on me! Send me a sign baby girl. I’m looking for you.” 

He’s asked people with information to call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office or send it to him directly. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has described Marcano as a Black woman with brown hair and green eyes, last seen in a red shirt, black hoodie, and jeans. 

“No bit of information is too small or too insignificant,” Mina said. “If someone knows of something, saw something, recognizes her face—we will take that information and you can remain anonymous, too. We just want the information to try and find Miya.”