Rip and Tear Your Through Love in This 'Doom' Dating Game

This Doom themed dating sim reimagines the brutal first person shooter as a romp through a high school that happens to be in hell.
A distressed Cacodemon in high school.
Image source: Doomed Love

When I think Doom, usually I think about shooting things with a very big gun until they explode into bits of kebab meat. It's a violent game, about a violent guy, and the main object of the many games in the franchise is to kill demons. Doomed Love, a Doom themed dating sim, turns that all on its head, including a cheerful piano remix of the main Doom theme.

In the game, you play as a Zombieman preparing for a school festival with other Doom enemies, like Cacodemon and Mancubus. Depending on your choices, you can take one of them with you to the school dance. Doom fans will recognize plenty of references to the franchise—at one point, Cacodemon and I went to Impy's diner for a meal—but the real draw is the writing and the art. Even if you're not overly familiar with every aspect of Doom's lore, the characters are well drawn enough that it's easy to relate to them, and even fall in love. I mean, just look at Cacodemon beaming with joy. Who wouldn't want to be the reason for that smile?

A smiling Cacodemon at Impy's Diner.

Image source: Doomed Love

Doomed Love is available for free on and I had a delightful time with it. Go ahead and rip and tear your way through love.