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Wake and Bake With the New Hedley & Bennett x Grateful Dead Drop

Everyone’s cult-fave apron brand is running on Jerry Time.
New Hedley & Bennett x Grateful Dead apron
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During the quarantined days of 2020, we all found different ways to pass the time. Some of us made our own booze and some of us got really into home decor. A ton of us baked bread, and another ton of us got baked. There were, of course, those who flouted COVID-19 travel restrictions—but there were also lots of responsible citizens who instead decided to take a ~wink, wink~ long, strange “trip” at home (possibly whilst baking bread). If you fall into the latter category—or if you find yourself living on a diet of reds, vitamin C, and cocaine—boy-oh-boy do we have the kitchen accessory for you.  


Hedley & Bennett, which is basically the Cadillac of apron makers, have released a limited number of trippy, dancing bear aprons made in collaboration with the Grateful Dead. “There is so much love for the Grateful Dead in the food world and amongst so many huge chefs,” the brand’s founder Ellen Bennett told VICE, “We're so excited to spread the Dead’s positivity and creativity.” Aw. [Cries in 5-MeO-DMT.] There will be denim. There will be patches, pockets, tie dye, and many places to hide your herbal... “remedies,” and forget you left them there for seven months. 

The collection just dropped this morning, so be sure to scoop before your fellow Deadheads buy them all. Lord knows this is the one time they’re waking up before noon. 

An apron to show everyone on lot that you’re not a narc

Have you ever been absolutely fried on acid and attempted to eat something? Yeah, either chicken sandwiches actually suck (they don’t, you’re just fucking high), or the old man you met outside security wasn’t kidding about those tabs (correct). This colorful number is practically screaming, “How do you do, fellow boofers?” It also boasts a number of pockets for cooking utensils, crystals, and folded up pieces of aluminum foil.

$115$92 at Hedley & Bennett

$115$92 at Hedley & Bennett

An apron that says “oops… that wasn’t a microdose”

Do you prefer to slam your space cakes in all denim, and Animorphs into a train conductor? Of course you do, which is why one of the aprons comes in a blue jean fabric branded with dancing bears, and complete with many pockets for many munchies.  

$105 at Hedley & Bennett

$105 at Hedley & Bennett

May love see you through [rides away on butterfly]. 

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