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Kamala Harris's Prosecutors Sent This Innocent Man to Prison. Now He's Voting for Her.

Jamal Trulove said Harris "celebrated" his conviction for a crime he didn't commit, but urges people to "Rock the Vote for Biden and for Kamala"

Last October, VICE met Jamal Trulove, who was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to 50 years to life in prison, despite no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Trulove recalls then San Fransisco District Attorney Kamala Harris “showed up at the two most pivotal times…she wanted to be present for a celebration of a conviction.” He was eventually exonerated and freed after over six years in prison, and won $13.1 million from the city of San Fransisco. Watch his full story above.


Trulove’s story has garnered a new wave of attention this past week, following the nomination of Kamala Harris for Vice President by the Democratic Party, prompting Trulove to take to Twitter to share his thoughts. Despite his complicated personal history with the Senator and VP hopeful, Trulove says, “my reservations with her are not as big as this election is. We’ve got to get Donald Trump and his whole administration out of office…” Watch his full statement here.