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Muslim Women Have Reported Harassment at College Campuses Since Trump Won

Campuses have also reportedly been marred with pro-Trump graffiti and lines like: "Fuck your safe space."
Photo via Flickr user Örlygur Hnefill

UPDATE 11/11/16: Louisiana police say that the Lafayette college student has admitted she fabricated the report. This post has been updated.

Police are looking into multiple assaults on Muslim women that have taken place on university campuses in the days following Trump's election, the New York Times reports.

On Wednesday, a female Muslim student at San Diego State University was reportedly robbed by two men as she walked to her car. According to police, the men took her purse, backpack, and car keys after reportedly making comments about Muslims and Trump. When the student returned to the parking lot after reporting the incident, her car was gone. Police are investigating the assault as a hate crime.


That same day in Louisiana, a Muslim woman from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette told police she was assaulted and robbed by a pair of men, one of whom wore a pro-Trump hat. During the police investigation, the woman admitted that she lied about the story, and the case has been dropped.

The UL campus was also reportedly marred with pro-Trump graffiti and lines like: "Fuck your safe space." Similar graffiti has been found on Muslim spaces in universities like NYU.

"University campuses are places where men and women of all races and religions should be able to exchange ideas and learn from one another," UL at Lafayette president Joseph Savoie wrote in an email to students. "We grow as human beings by listening to others who have different backgrounds and experiences."

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