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Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Is Banned from USA Swimming Forever

He may be out of jail in as little as three months, but the convict swimmer can stop dreaming of Team USA.
Mugshot via Santa Clara Sheriff's Department

Ex-Stanford swimmer and convicted rapist Brock Turner will be banned from competing in any future USA Swimming events, including the Olympic trials, after he was found guilty of three felony counts of sexual assault in March.

"USA Swimming strictly prohibits and has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct, with firm Code of Conduct policies in place, and severe penalties, including a permanent ban of membership, for those who violate our Code of Conduct," a spokesperson for the national swimming association told USA Today.

Before Turner was arrested in January when two men found him sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster after a frat party, he was a star swimmer at the prestigious university who had previously participated in Olympic trials.

Obviously that dream is out of the question now. Though Turner is set to serve as little as half of his six-month jail sentence, he'll never be able to register as a member with the swimming organization, which has had its own controversy with systemic alleged sexual assault by coaches.

Turner recently blamed his assault on college's "party culture," and his father whined in a letter that the "sex offender" label his son now carries is too harsh for "20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life."