Gettin' Weird in Greenpoint


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Gettin' Weird in Greenpoint

There's a new gallery show at Booklyn in Greenpoint that spotlights some of the really weird shit that goes on in the world. They're also looking for submissions, so if you're weird too, let them know!

This Saturday, Booklyn Gallery in Greenpoint (Brooklyn, in case you missed that pun) is having a new collaborative art show, and unlike many of the hundreds of art shows that spontaneously occur in New York every weekend, you should actually go to this one. Titled Weird World, it features photography and drawings which showcase just how fuckin’ weird our world is. Curator Aimee Lusty explains further: “These artists present rare observational studies of various subcultures ranging from punks and teenage ravers and members of the Westboro Baptist Church, to minority tribes of the Yunnan Province in China.” Regular VICE contributor Maggie Lee is in the show and that alone should be enough motivation  for you to make the climb up to the fourth floor to see the opening. Other artists include Colette Fu, Marshall Weber, Matt Sidella, Maxim Ryazansky, and Mike Spears. Coinciding with the show, Booklyn is having an open call for submissions for a full-color zine on the same theme that will be released at the closing of the exhibit. So scour your archives, check out the tiny sneak peek above, and get weird. More info on Booklyn and the show can be found here.


Mike Spears "Roadside Vendor Puerto Rico" 16 x 20 traditional C print 2009 Courtesy of the artist and Booklyn Gallery

Mike Spears "NY Fucking City" 11 x 14 traditional C print 2008 Courtesy of the artist and Booklyn Gallery

Mike Spears "King Tut Promoter" 11x14 traditional C print 2012 Courtesy of the artist and Booklyn Gallery