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Question of the Day - Are Paralympians More Admirable Than Olympians?

We asked some people in the street.

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Despite the fact that Atos – a company bent on sending people who can't walk or have terminal cancer to work in physically demanding jobs that require you being able to stand up and to not have cancer/be dying, all on behalf of the government – are sponsoring the event, we're all pretty excited about the Paralympics starting. I'm actually going to watch some basketball on Monday. Not to be patronising or faux-enthusiastic, or anything, but let’s face it, it is a pretty mean feat to become an Olympian, let alone a Paralympian. You're expecting a joke at the end of all this, aren't you? Well, tough shit, we are fans of Paralympians. Which is why we thought it would be a good idea to ask the public if they think Paralympians are better than Olympians. You know, just to weed out the evil ones who might hate quadriplegics or people with one hand or something.


Hi Karl, do you think Paralympians are more admirable than Olympians?
Karl, 18: Do you know what? I used to take the piss out of this boy from school who had half an arm. Not just me, everyone. Now, it’s like, no one would do that. They are proper good at their sports.

So you've changed your ways.
I seen this advert on TV and I thought, 'They look really cool.' Do you think the Games will change people’s attitudes towards those with disabilities?
Yeah, people in the Paralympic Games are sick! They are just amazing. I think people will be more… what’s the word? Accepting?
Yeah, "accepting". Left to right: Naja, 21, Kia, 22 and Moneesa, 19. Do you think Paralympians are more admirable than Olympians?
Naja: Yes. People act like they shouldn’t say, "Oh, they’re different, it’s more difficult for them." But it is. It so is.
Kia: It so is. Way harder.
Moneesa: It’s good for people of my age, like, young people? To be more accepting.
Kia: Yeah, more accepting. Do you think the way the Paralympics has been portrayed in the media is good?
Naja: Normally, you never even see disabled people on the TV. Like, never.
Kia: Never. Really?
Yeah, you never see them on TV. Now they are and people will get used to seeing all kinds of people in the media.

All kinds?
Yeah. Do you think Paralympians are more admirable than Olympians?
Louie, 19: They’re just cool. I watched the Opening Ceremony but the adverts came on right when Colombia were on. I’m Colombian so I was waiting for that bit. What are you excited about most with Paralympics?
I don’t know, but I’ll watch and see. They have like, a weird football one or something that’s meant to be good. Greg, 43: My brother is in a wheelchair from an accident he had and if he could do what they do, it would be amazing. They are incredible. Do you think Paralympians are more admirable than Olympians?
Frank, 60: Yes. Well, I didn’t watch the other Olympics but I am going to make an effort to watch the Paralympics because these guys – and ladies – are disabled. That takes some doing. I couldn’t do it.
I’m able bodied and I couldn’t do it. I’m lazy. Don’t tell anyone, but the opening ceremony brought a tear to my eye. I'm going to tell everyone.
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