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Alex Jones Thinks We Predicted 9/11

We really didn't, it was just a joke.
June 12, 2012, 1:15pm

Look, we've been through this before. Anyone who still thinks that we predicted 9/11 in 1994, understand this: THE 1994 ISSUE WAS A JOKE WRITTEN IN 2009 TO CELEBRATE OUR FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY. Apparently, writing an article called "What Is Al-Qaeda?" was a much smarter joke than we ever realized, because again and again people are holding it up as an example of us being in collusion with the American government to pull off the biggest terrorist attack in human history.

One more time: The drawing of Beavis and Butthead flying around the World Trade Center, which we ran in 2009, doesn't have any bearing on 9/11 at all. It was just us having a lol. Using it to prove that Bush is an Illuminati puppet is a little like using the "chicken crossing the road" joke to prove that the egg came first.

So, sorry Alex Jones. Sorry Info Wars. You'll have to look elsewhere for the New World Order. May we suggest this blog about Kanye's shoes?

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