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Streetfest 2012: A Retraction

We fucked up. We're sorry, Jose.

On Wednesday, the 9th of May 2012, we published an article titled: "OMG, You Guys Are All So Street! But What Is Street?"

In the piece, we featured a picture of a man named Jose, along with a caption which alleged that he "doesn't speak English." Jose has since been in touch, saying in an email:


In the publication of StreetFest, the Spanish guy who supposedly can not speak English, if I can speak English, what happens is that not perfectly, so I said I could not speak English. 


My name is Jose, I have 22 years old and studying Jewelry. Please, could you change the caption.  



In light of this email, VICE Media would like to acknowledge that this claim was false.

The version of the article that appeared on our site was erroneously made live before our fact-checking team were able to substantiate all claims made within it.

We would also like to use this opportunity to apologize. Not only to you, the reader who we misled, but also to Jose. Jose, we are truly, deeply sorry, and express our regret if we have upset you, your family or associates. Good luck in all of your future jewelry-studying endeavors.


VICE Media.

PS, say hi to Google Translate for us!