Hanging Out in Hotels, Naked


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Hanging Out in Hotels, Naked

Jesse Pollock has spent a lot of time getting naked in hotels recently. His new book about it came out in April and we only recently discovered it, because we are stupid.
September 25, 2012, 6:46pm

A while back, Jesse Pollock sent us his zine, Hotel Party, and we meant to do something with it, but it got lost in the shuffle. We recently rediscovered it in a pile and fell in love with Jesse and his love for hotels and parties. From looking at the book, it seems like Jesse is living the dream: He and his girlfriend are constantly on vacation (in one picture she's doing coke off his dick, but you’ll have to buy the book to see that one), usually naked, and documenting the whole thing. His life looks like a fun time. The book was released by Hamburger Eyes, and the last few copies will be available at the New York Art Book Fair at PS1 this weekend. Go get them while you still can!


Jesse has his own publishing project too. Check it out here.