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Johnny Ryan Made a Prison Pit Cartoon, and He Hates My Guts

Johnny Ryan's semi-popular comic book saga Prison Pit is an animated movie now. He's been doing comics for VICE for the last 34 years, so we are morally obligated to promote any project he has a hand in.
August 27, 2014, 2:30pm

Johnny Ryan's semi-popular comic book saga Prison Pit is an animated movie now, so everyone should immediately go buy and watch it. Johnny's been doing comics for VICE for the last 34 years, so we are morally obligated to promote any project he has a hand in.

It's exciting to watch Johnny's horrible monster-men wiggle around the screen and murder one another in the most awful ways that the most awful man on the planet could devise! The first chapter is on YouTube, so take a look:

Here's a little interview I did with Johnny Ryan, whom I hate very much. He hates me too. See just how much in this interview.

VICE: Why animate Prison Pit? If it's so great, then won't an animated adaptation just be a lesser accomplishment?
Johnny Ryan: I was concerned about adapting it into a color cartoon, but the guys at 6 Point really fucking nailed it. I think in some ways it's better than the book.


How specifically is the Prison Pit movie better than the book? 
There are a few scenes that I think are more effective in the animation. The one where the guys are falling down the tube at the beginning, the vag-maggot scene, the revelation of the cock, etc. Also the music is amazing. Hive Mind did a spectacular job.

Does the world no longer need the Prison Pit book now that we have the cartoon?
The world needs more Prison Pit, not less.

How involved were you in making this thing?
They took the book and used it as the storyboard. And they had me involved all along the way giving notes, and input, etc.

You have a pretty all-star voice cast for this movie. Was there anyone who was hard to get for this? Was everyone involved already a fan?
I think the only cast member that knew me beforehand was Blake. I knew he was perfect to play Jizzra the jerkoff monster. He's a great actor, and he jumped off a roof.

Did Blake jump off a roof to help with Prison Pit,or was it related to some other thing.
He jumped off the roof of a 666-story building and screamed "PRISON PIT" and landed in a dumptruck full of werewolf corpses. He broke every bone in his dick. That's his level of commitment to this project.

I noticed that the colors are significantly darker than the colors you typically use in comics. Tell me about that decision.
Prison Pit is an entity that lives separate from my previous AYC or VICE work in most aspects, including color.


Is the plan to animate the entire Prison Pit series?
If there's enough support, the plan is to keep going.

How many different voices did you consider for CF?
I think there were like two or three. I thought we would have to audition wrestlers or death metal singers—I didn't think we'd find a regular actor who could pull it off. But when they sent me James Adomian's audition, I thought he would be perfect. That guy's a fucking maniac behind the mic.

Is there any possibility of seeing your other comics turned into animated things? Loady, Blecky, Boobs Pooter?
Only if someone with a bunch of money and an animation studio asks me.

Do you feel happy now that you're rich and famous?
I will only be happy when you finally tie your balls to the space shuttle and fly directly into a champagne supernova in the sky.

You don't like me very much, do you Johnny? Why is that?
You suck.

What could I do to make you like me?

Have you gotten a cease-and-desist from Superjail! yet?
Have you noticed how your sister is a WAY better artist than you? Why do you think that is?

Can we talk outside of the interview for a second? Don't bring up my sister. Her career has totally eclipsed mine and no part of me is at all OK with that. 
Don't bring up Superjail!

How would Cannibal Fuckface kill me if he got the chance?
He would suck your cock till you died.

Is it possible to kill CF? Is he immortal?
We'll find out in book six.

What was CF's mother like? Was his dad at all like him? Was he born by conventional human means?
This sounds like a good opportunity for Prison Pit fan fic.

Who would win, CF or Lobo, and what would that fight be like? CF or Wolverine? CF or Bloodwulf? CF or Deadpool? CF or Marv from Sin City? CF or Hellboy? CF or Scott Pilgrim? CF or Boobs Pooter? CF or Workaholics? CF or Greg Mishka? CF or the Undertaker? CF or Worf?
No matter who wins, we lose.

Go to the Prison Pit site to get the movie or some other junk. Go to Fantagraphics to buy the comic.