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Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A guy invented a fake murder to get out of a speeding ticket and a woman ran over a couple who reported a child locked in a hot car.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Julius Lopowitz

Photos via West Melbourne Police/Google Maps

The incident: A man was given a speeding ticket.

The appropriate response: Paying it. Or contesting it if you don't think you deserve it.

The actual response: He dialed 911 and reported a fake murder in progress in the hopes of distracting the issuing officer.


Earlier this week, a West Melbourne, Florida man named Julius Lopowitz was pulled over for speeding.

As the officer who pulled him over was writing his ticket, 911 dispatchers received a call to report a possible murder in progress.

"There is a murder that's going to happen, I swear," the caller said. "On Wingate and Hollywood. Definitely someone going to get shot. Please, please, Wingate and Hollywood. Please."

He then hung up the phone.

As every available officer was being dispatched to the intersection of Wingate and Hollywood, the man called back.

This time he said, "I swear, there's going to be a murder any second. There's a man and a gun. Please."

When he hung up this time, 911 dispatchers looked in their records for the caller's name. As he'd called 911 before, they had his name on record. The name was Julius Lopowitz.

The dispatcher said Julius' name over the police radio, and the officer who'd pulled Jules over recognized it as the name he was writing on a speeding ticket.

“It almost worked,” Police Lt. Rich Cordeau told local news station WBTV. “The officer was trying to wrap up quickly to respond.”

Police believe that Julius made the fake calls when the officer's back was turned to write the ticket.

Julius is now facing a felony charge that carries a five-year maximum prison term. Which is quite a bit worse than a $200 speeding ticket, so fuck knows what he'll pull to try and get out of that one.


Cry-Baby #2: Kristina Riddell

Photos via Longmont Police Department/Google Maps

The incident: A concerned couple called 911 after seeing a child locked in a car on a hot day.

The appropriate response: Nothing.

The actual response: The owner of the car ran the concerned couple over.

On June 7th, 43-year-old Shannon Dominguez was with her boyfriend at a Dollar Tree in Longmont, Colorado.

While in the parking lot of the store, she noticed a young boy locked inside a hot car. "All four windows were rolled up and it was in the direct sun," Shannon told Fox 13.

She called 911 to report the situation. "It scares the heck out of me… Some innocent child might die," she said.

While she was on the phone, the child's mother, 27-year-old Kristina Riddell returned. Kristina was not too happy when she realized police had been called, and reportedly threatened to beat Shannon up. She then allegedly punched Shannon's boyfriend, Alan Mason, in the face.

Kristina then got in her car reversed out of her parking spot, before driving at the couple.

Alan rolled over the hood of the car, while Shannon went under the wheels, crushing her legs.

Her tibia and fibula were both broken. She is currently bound to a wheelchair and has been told by doctor's that she may never walk normally again. "Every day is a chore," said Shannon.

Kristina was arrested and charged with hit and run, child abuse and assault. Fox 13 reported that she already has an extensive criminal record, including assault, domestic violence, and driving violations.


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