The Underlying Eroticism of Wrestling


This story is over 5 years old.


The Underlying Eroticism of Wrestling

A photo-essay titled, "Undying Homoeroticism in Wrestling."

Ben McNutt is a Baltimore-based artist who is engaged in an intensive study of his perspective on images of wrestling. His work combines depictions of wrestling throughout history with his own unique aesthetic. Below, you'll find an essay comprised of photos and words that he made for VICE, titled "Undying Homoeroticism in Wrestling."

These images depict men wrestling alongside men.

These men wear tight-fitting singlets, garments, or nothing at all.


If they do wear clothing, it is tight against their torsos, chest, and thighs, revealing the shapes of their often muscular bodies.

They fall, roll, dip, and jump onto the ground, which acts as a platform for each wrestler to pin their opponent against.

They grab, touch, pull, and push one another.

These men are physically strong.

Their muscles are on display for their opponents and viewers alike.

Neither member appears to have boundaries on where they will and won't go in order to gain dominance.

Their bodies are pushed up against one another as hard as they will go.

They use their strength to exert control over their opponents' bodies.

Sweat drips onto the floor, themselves, and one another.

Each limb is entangled around another. Their arms are wrapped around thighs, biceps, and stomachs.

The pace is fast and forceful. In a split second, anything can change.

Their hands grasp onto the other's body as tight as their strength will allow.

One wins, and one loses.

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