We Had a Girl Eats Food Party!


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We Had a Girl Eats Food Party!

Everyone left with cough syrup and gold in their guts.
June 18, 2012, 1:30pm

If you should know anything about VICE, it's that we like to make things – like videos and magazines and websites – and then throw parties to celebrate them.

And you know, it's been almost a month now since we magicked our Girl Eats Food column into a brand new video series, so we've been kind of desperate for an excuse to confuse our tastebuds with Joanna Fuertes-Knight's unlikely food combinations and bottles of Blue Nun with tiny pieces of gold in them. To do this, we corralled a bunch of people into Protein Gallery in London and treated them to a pig's head cake raffle, organ-melting cocktails, some Cherry Sizzurped Pork and the latest episode of GEF.


We think they left quite happy and content. How can you not be content when there are little pieces of gold floating around in your guts?

If you haven't tuned into Girl Eats Food yet, get up to date with the episodes here. Like, right fucking now?

Hungry? Check out Joanna Fuertes-Knight's (totally free) online cookbook! It's got every Girl Eats Food recipe ever in it.

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