Photos of Placards, Fake Snouts, and Pig Piñatas at London's #ResignCameron Protest

Photos of Placards, Fake Snouts, and Pig Piñatas at London's #ResignCameron Protest

We were there as thousands of protestors flooded London's streets, calling for Cameron's resignation after he admitted he'd had shares in his dad's offshore fund.
April 10, 2016, 12:00am

This article originally appeared on VICE UK

David Cameron's had quite the week. He was in Washington after sunning himself on holiday in Lanzarote when the biggest data leak in history linked his late father's name to a maze of tax-dodging overseas investments. By Friday, MPs were calling for his resignation.

So was journalist Abi Wilkinson, who put a callout on social media for a protest on the streets of London—calling bullshit on Cameron's decision to keep us in the dark about the thousands of shares he'd owned in his father's trust, which reportedly hasn't paid a penny in tax in Britain since it was founded in the 80s out of Panama and the Bahamas.

On Saturday, April 9 at about 11AM, thousands of people gathered outside the gates of 10 Downing Street to show that they'd had enough. They carried placards, megaphones, homemade signs, and wore the odd pig snout or full pig mask. Let's be honest, people weren't about to let that one slide so soon.

Some then marched over to the Conservative party spring forum—where earlier an audience inside the Grand Connaught Rooms had laughed when Cameron said it had "not been a great week"—and were met with a police cordon outside the venue. Jolyon Rubenstein, from BBC 3's The Revolution Will Be Televised, addressed the crowd back at Downing Street, while others banged drums and somehow set up a drum'n'bass rig.

We were there as the colorful protest, with its tropical tax-haven theme, wound through the city. Here are our photographer's shots from the day.

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