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Katt Williams Is Picking Fights with Teenagers Now

Apparently the kid is a seventh grader.

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In yet another bizarre physical altercation involving Katt Williams, a video posted Wednesday on the website Fameolous shows the troubled comedian apparently getting tackled by a #teen.

The video appears to show Williams striking first, sucker punching the kid, and then jumps forward to said kid taking Williams to the ground, locking him in a chokehold. The fight is eventually broken up by onlookers, but another clip of footage shows Williams goading the kid afterwords by continually calling him "little boy."

The victim—who looked like he had a pretty good handle on the situation—is reportedly in seventh grade. Williams, who is currently out on bail for multiple assault charges, is now under police investigation, according to TMZ.

The fight could result in another addition to the comedian's already long rap sheet that includes an arrest at the end of February for allegedly punching a pool supply store employee in Georgia. Five women in Atlanta recently came forward claiming Williams held them at gunpoint for recording a video of him around the same time last month, and another woman says he assaulted her after she told him he wasn't as funny as Kevin Hart.