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Stephen Colbert Took Over a Michigan Public Access TV Show to Interview Eminem

Stephen Colbert commandeered two nice Michigan ladies' public television show because his own studio space wasn't ready yet.

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New Tonight Show host Stephen Colbert recently commandeered a show on a Michigan public access channel called Only in Monroe to practice, since his regular studio space isn't ready yet. Some pre-season spring training is always important, even when you're a talk show host, and this time around Colbert dragged "Michigander" Marshall Mathers on to chat.

He also interviewed the public access show's normal hosts, Michelle Baumann and Kaye Lani Rae Rafko Wilson, and turns a keen eye on the many goings-on around the small Michigan town of Monroe. The entire show is bizarre and beautiful, perhaps summed up best by Eminem himself—"I'm meditating right now because this is really fucking weird." Watch the full thing above. Eminem comes in around the 22-minute mark.