BO, Malt Liquor, and Faygo: A Juggalo Motel Party


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BO, Malt Liquor, and Faygo: A Juggalo Motel Party

This is what happens when over 30 juggalos congregate in a motel room to smoke pot, shave eyebrows, and chug Faygo.
June 2, 2015, 4:00am

There was a commotion in the lobby of the Jack White Theater, the historic auditorium inside Detroit's Masonic Temple where a horde of Juggalos had gathered to watch a double feature of Insane Clown Posse movies. One of the Juggalos, a short man with a dirty goatee, was flailing around a live lobster. He was running around with it until he spotted a friend, a fat guy, who grabbed the lobster and rubbed it against the short man's goatee. Then the short man licked the lobster.


"That's how you get crabs!" shouted a Juggalo in the distance. "That's how Juggalos are born!"

The screams alerted the other Juggalos to the scene. The fat Juggalo bit the lobster's leg off and spat it on the ground. Then a guy in a purple suit bit the lobster's head off. One of them threw the lobster's body on the ground, and then the guy in the purple suit jumped in the air and body slammed the animal. Lobster guts flew all across the floor.

It was the night before Juggalo Day, the band's annual free concert, which is held to collect canned goods for Detroit's food banks. I was there, along with my photographer Amy Lombard, to profile the Insane Clown Posse.

After the lobster incident, a chubby blonde Juggalo named Brian invited us to join him and his friends at a Juggalo motel party in downtown Detroit, so we could see how Juggalos get down after hours.

Inside the motel, we weren't sure which room to go to, until we heard ICP blasting down the hall and followed the trail of weed, cigarettes, BO, malt liquor, and Faygo. We walked in and a room full of Juggalos promptly yelled, "Whoop! Whoop!"

What happened next was a combination of eyebrow shaving, tit flashing, and Faygo chugging. Here are Amy Lombard's photos chronicling the rest of the night.

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