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Watch an Exclusive Clip from Werner Herzog's New Online Filmmaking Class

The legendary German filmmaker and rule-flouter is teaching an online filmmaking course at MasterClass—no storyboards or yoga allowed.

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If you haven't heard about MasterClass yet, it's probably time. You know how iTunes has that rarely-used section called "iTunes U," where you can sit in on college lectures and stuff through the magic of cyberspace? Well, MasterClass Online Classes are kind of like that, but instead of boring-ass professors droning on at you, there are famous artists and directors talking at length about their craft.

Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman both did MasterClasses on acting, and James Patterson did one where he teaches you how to be the Henry Ford of books. Now, legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog is preparing to release his own MasterClass, so today VICE is premiering an exclusive first look at the director's video lessons.

Herzog has been teaching his craft through his Rogue Film School for a while now, but since that film school really only happens when Herzog feels like it, this MasterClass is probably your best bet at soaking up some Herzog knowledge. The trailer above gives you a taste, including such Herzogian gems as "We are not garbage collectors—we are filmmakers," and "I do not use a storyboard. I think it's an instrument of the cowards."

Whether he'll expound topics like the obscenity of the Amazon or the stupidity of the chicken remains to be seen, but one can only hope. Plus, he can't threaten you with a gun through your computer screen, so there's that.

Give the exclusive trailer a watch above, and learn more about MasterClass at their website.