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Montreal's Dead Horse Beats Gifted Us with a Pettiness Classic on 'Bad Hopes'

He's definitely NOT beating a dead horse on this fresh new EP.

Photo via Bandcamp  The Bad Hopes EP is a groovy four-song treasure packed with the excitement and emotion of a danceclub makeout session. The work comes from Dead Horse Beats—real name Patrick Wade—and he is a Montreal-based producer, singer, and multi-instrument artist. He can be heard soulfully singing on the tracks "Young Ruins" and "Dive," with additional vocal work from the artist Frase on "She Said" with production help by Jason Simpkin throughout. The lyrics point to underlying pessimism, but there's some good old fashioned love in there, too. Or at least lust: "I'm just trying to take it slowly, and I need you right now. I'm mad about you," Dead Horse Beats sings on "Young Ruins." We need you, Dead Horse Beats. We need you.


"Bad Hopes is a collection of songs that are mostly about pettiness and shitty things that people say and do to each other," Dead Horse Beats told Noisey. "I made the tracks in three different bedrooms over the course of a year and half in Montreal listening to old disco and soul records, and new ones by people like Kaytranada, Leon Vynehall, Mura Masa, River Tiber and Charlotte Day Wilson. My aim with this record was to try and create music that sounds like the music I would find and want to sample and then flip it into something that sounds modern." Listen to the full stream of Dead Horse Beats' Bad Hopes EP below:

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