Henry Jamison Soothes Your Nerves on New EP 'The Rains'

Sometimes you just need something to soothe you
October 11, 2016, 8:05pm

Sometimes in life you need music to soothe. Something that's not too difficult and not too abrasive. Today, that something is Henry Jamison's latest EP, ​The Rains​. It's a soft collection of acoustic songs, mellow folk that tackles life's bigger stressors like identity, social status, and how to interact with the world. This is the Vermont native's first release, and first major foray into music (he toured for a couple years with a band in college, but it didn't work out).


The EP, for Jamison, acts as a kind of ego death, or at least a way to usher that in. "It's funny to interpret songs after writing them," Jamison says. "They come compulsorily, for the most part, and I think that this is instructive in thinking about our psyche: things occur in us and are conceptualized later. What are the songs about? The only answer to that is in the images they bring up in the listener. They're exercises in synesthesia."

The Rains​ is ​out this Friday via Akira Records​.