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May 15, 2009, 7:26pm

I usually yawn at the "look at my daily outfit" posts most gals do on their stupid fashion blogs. Gangly college girls posing knock-kneed in forgettable polyester vintage or unachievably expensive designer shoes don't really float my boat, but when a gal dresses like a daydreaming, reggae-obsessed teenage banshee who's raided her sexy mom's old trunk of 70s earth mother costumes, you have to take notice. Louise Ingalls Sturges is that girl, and on top of that she has the best apartment and a shoe collection so vast and undeniable it almost made me cry. My first instinct when I met her was to hate on her out of pure jealousy. Too bad she's nice, so I can't. Her blog,

Besos y Fotos

, is a regularly updated testament to the golden life she's living. Basically I have a girl crush on Louise Ingalls Sturges and I want the world to know.

Look at her. Who wouldn't want to be her friend?

She sent me some pictures of her collections. Good sunglasses are a key part of being a well-dressed human.

Obey the power of the rings.

She also throws awesome parties. Last time I was at her magical loft was for an 80s and 90s TV character theme party. She had two different Kelly Kapowski costumes, one involving a pair of Bongos with the tags still on. Feeling inadequate as a second rate Six from Blossom, I gasped as the most dead-on Rayanne from

My So-Called Life

walked by. Lady knows how to throw a rager.

But she actually does stuff too, besides looking good and partying. She paints and she has two limited-edition photography books coming out,

Tangled Up in Blue


Besosyfotos: First Edition

. Today


is throwing her a party for these releases, and if you don't know Court, you might like to. It's the second baby that Nicole Tondre and Lisa Fuller made--their first was Circa Now--and I've gotten more than a few scores from them. Plus, the party is sponsored by a gin company so you'll be able to warm your belly while you browse the photos. Later, there's an after party at the magical artisinal candy store,


. Last time I went to an event there I ate so much candy I thought my teeth were going to fall out.

Louise Ingalls Sturges: taker of beautiful photographs, dresser of amazing aptitude, and all around stand up gal. Come to the opening and figure it out.


(photos by Louise Ingalls Sturges, except for the vodka gun one, which is by Beverly Hames)