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April 29, 2009, 10:52pm

I ran into Tanya outside a metro station. We hadn't seen each other in a while, so we had the whole "What's up with you?" conversation. I answered with my usual - work, school - and figured she'd say the same but instead, she told me, "Oh, I'm a dominatrix now."  She told me that she was on her way to an appointment with a guy who liked it when she stepped on his dick. I called her last week to see how the dominatrixing was going.

Vice: Why did you become a dominatrix?

Tanya: I wanted to make some money. I looked into the Montreal Mirror to see if there was any ads and there was a phone number. I called. I thought it was gonna be easy but no, it was hard to start.

How was it hard?

It's draining. The majority of the clients that I get are disgusting. Tall, lanky, or small. No personality either.

And do these guys ever talk about their home lives?

Yeah, and I told them not to because I find it sick, to be honest.

What's a regular appointment like?

Some people want sensation play, which is tying them up and like, tickling them with a feather. If not, just spanking or even strap-on. Sometimes they like corporal punishment. Humiliation is a big one: telling them that they're a slut or a whore or a pig. Writing stuff on them with lipstick. Dressing them up like a girl. Sometimes dressing them up like a baby. I hate that one personally. It grosses me out. Mothering them, feeding them baby food, making them drink out of a baby bottle, putting a diaper on them. Sometimes they poo their diaper and you make them try to eat it!

What's the craziest request you've gotten?

There's one guy that asked me to put a rusty nail in his penis.

No! Did you do it?

No. I was like, 'Where did you find that?" And he was like, 'I found it on the street.' In beginning, actually, my boss was sending me all the worst people. She thought that her normal clients wouldn't dig a chubby chick. I remember my first appointment being one of my worst.

What happened?

He was this short Quebecer guy. He had a skin disease all over his legs. He wanted me to pick him up and put him on the bed. I put on gloves, and I put him on the bed. Then, what he wanted me to do was put a diaper on him. See, that kind of traumatized me. He wanted to poo in his diaper and he wanted to play a role-playing game. His kick was he'd be masturbating and I'd come into the room and be like, 'What are you doing?! You're not supposed to be masturbating! You're a small kid!' And so what I had to do was punish him; make him put his finger up his ass and make him lick it. I was totally not into it.

What's the most money you've made from one appointment?

$700 for an hour and a half. It was off this rich guy. We went to his house and his kids were gone to summer camp. He had a huge cocaine problem. He was into role-playing and strap-on. I really didn't like using a strap-on on him because he didn't clean himself so it smelled like shit. I hate dealing with unclean anuses. Anyway, so after like, two seconds, he got paranoid and was like, 'Wait! There's somebody there!' But no one was there. Then he went to do more coke. I was just sitting on the bed, listening to my iPod. After a while I was like, 'OK, I have stuff to do.' And he gave me $700.

Are a lot of your clients rich?

Not really. Well, there's one guy who's a politician. I don't know his exact rank but I know he's important. He makes us call him Monsieur Toilette. His thing is drinking pee and eating shit. We all like him because it's like, guaranteed extra cash every week. I remember one week, I totally forgot he was coming. I had peed already. When he got to the dungeon I was trying to work up the urge to go. I drank a couple Pepsis and did it. And he fucking banned me! He told me my pee was too little.