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This Is Everything You Need to Know From the Latest Nintendo Direct

There's a new Kirby game, a new Paper Mario, and no Zelda Wii U news (obviously).
March 3, 2016, 11:34pm

Nintendo's semi-regular Direct broadcast, previewing a whole bunch of new games and products, has just wrapped up. Like, ten minutes ago, at the time of writing, on March 3rd. Here is what was most fascinating – or, at least, not Disney Art Academy. (Skip right to the end to just watch the entire Direct.)

Star Fox Zero doesn't look like garbage

Which is a good thing, because the last time I played it, it sort of did. Co-developed by PlatinumGames, this Fox-et-al shooter could be worth dusting off the Wii U for, if you've not already done so for the imminent HD version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And it's not coming out alone – bundled with physical copies of the game will be Star Fox Guard, a strange CCTV-styled game about keeping nasties off of Slippy's uncle's property. It's what used to be Project Guard, a game Shigeru Miyamoto first revealed at E3 in 2014. Now it's got a Star Fox coat of paint, plenty of online sharing-and-playing options, and adds a little extra value to the Zero deal. Guard will also be available separately over Nintendo's eShop. Anyone with a Fox amiibo from the Smash Bros line will be able to use it in conjunction with Zero, unlocking the Airwing from the original SNES Star Fox/Wing. Here's a new trailer, for your face. (Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard are released in the US on April 22nd, UK date TBC.)

Super Mario Maker is getting another update on March 9th

It'll allow you to shake existing assets into new ones – like keys and locked doors. Which is nice. But here's an even nicer stat for you: there are now over 6.2 million courses available to play online, all made in Super Mario Maker. Beat them all, back to back, without a break, and you'll only just be done before the Sun swallows us all.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE looks baffling, but I want to play it immediately

This Fire Emblem-inspired hook-up between Nintendo and Atlus is, apparently, a JRPG meets a Pop Idol concert. Or something to that effect. Polygon reckons it'll be great. The game won't be translated into English – it'll just feature subtitles, and the original Japanese voice track – and comes out on June 24th in the US. Check it out, below.

There's a new Kirby game, and it might just be badass

Kirby: Planet Robobot was the title that the March 3rd Direct closed with, and it's definitely one to feel pretty psyched for, especially if your 3DS has been feeling unloved lately. This dual-plane side-scrolling platformer sees Ninty's fabulous pink bollock take on an army of mechanical foes – and he can turn their abilities to his advantage, riding in a range of robotic suits capable of mimicking opposition skills. Now, you mightn't think a new Kirby game is such a big deal, but when you consider that the series has shifted the best part of 35 million units, evidently there's demand for more of the sucking-and-blowing thing. And Planet Robobot is inviting some of this fanbase to get together for four-player co-op missions in the complementary Team Kirby Clash, where combining unique talents is the only way to take down huge bosses. At least four new amiibo figures will come out around the game, which is released on June 10th. (All dates are for the US, by the way, as was the focus of this Direct.)


Equally, the 3DS Metroid game that's coming might not be a disaster

Federation Force got absolutely battered when it was revealed at E3 in 2015, but this Direct went a long way towards making sense of its co-operative gameplay and overall place in the Metroid universe. Attendees of LA's WonderCon later in March can get their hands on the game, which has a release date of "late Spring". New trailer, below. (That voice over, though? No. No.)

On Motherboard: Watch Conker Come to the HoloLens

You can turn your New 3DS XL into a "SNES vault"

From now, today, March 3rd, like this minute, pretty much, you can download Super Nintendo games to your New 3DS XL, via the eShop. The first three titles available are Super Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings – all essential, if you've the cash to collect 'em all. If you've still got an old 3DS, though, like me: we're out of luck. The initial trio of releases – again, they're out now, or will be within the next few hours – will be followed by more classics from the 16bit era: EarthBound, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, and Donkey Kong Country and its sequel. The icing on the cake? Check out this sweet new cover plate design that's being made available (at least in Japan). Would.

— 任天堂株式会社 (@Nintendo) March 3, 2016

Paper Mario Color Splash has something of the Epic Mickeys about it


Forthcoming for the Wii U sometime in 2016, this new entry in the Paper Mario series sees the incredibly flexible version of the most famous fictional plumber in the world using a "paint hammer" (obviously) to restore colour to a greying world. If it's as good as 2015's Paper Jam for the 3DS, it'll be worth a look.

And loads more things were said. Like how there's further updates coming for Splatoon; rugby is going to be a part of the next Mario and Sonic at the Olympics game; something called Pocket Card Jockey is coming to the 3DS because why not; Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is "essentially a new game" for Nintendo's handheld; and Monster Hunter Generations will be "most customisable Monster Hunter experience ever". Also: Rhythm Heaven Megamix, aka the happiest game of 2016. You can (re)watch the whole Direct below.

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